While our offering the convenience of having all casual and fine dining restaurants in all 50 states listed right at your fingertips (along with cuisine types, and menu price range) is not necessarily a technical ‘function,’ the Private Dining Request portion is an altogether different technical function. So when you download our app to carry those casual and fine dining lists with you-you will already be locked and loaded and ready to use the Private Dining Request function at any participating casual and fine dining restaurant!


The Private Dining Request portion of the app is a process-a process of word of mouth. And no different than the UberEats, Doordash, or Postmates app has to make its way around restaurants to get them on board, with us (too), it is up to your favorite restaurant to want PDR used at their establishments. The easy and good news about that is PDR is beneficial for all (patrons, restaurateurs and servers), equally. So we look forward to-if not all-most casual and fine dining establishments to be on board.

As we get each casual and fine dining restaurant on board, we will list them here and on the app! 

In the meantime, in the event your favorite restaurant does not use PDR (and you have used it at another restaurant or heard about how awesome it was) run PDR/”Private Dining Request” by the server or the restaurant manager while you are dining! 

Send them to our site (PrivateDiningRequest.com) or our app in the iOS and Google Play stores!